Interview with Woodie Flowers

Doctor Woodie Flowers stopped by for the 20th Anniversary of the Orlando Regional! RoboShow had a chance to sit down with Dr. Flowers and chat a bit about FIRST, True Education, and proper signature shirt archival uses.

Orlando Regional 2017 - RoboShow Live

Live Coverage

Join us for the 2017 Orlando Regional at the University of Central Florida. Our full coverage with in-depth match recaps, team interviews, and all the action takes place throughout the elimination matches.

South Florida Regional 2017 - Elimination Ties

In a stunning semifinals, teams tied on all five tiebreakers not just once but two matches in a row. After the winning alliance advanced to the finals, in the final eligible match team 6225 was substituted by the winning alliance. Andrew Rudolph has all the details.

South Florida Regional 2017 - Recap

Our friends at KurTrox put together a recap video of this past weekend’s South Florida FRC Regional.

Orlando Regional 2016 - RoboShow Live

Broadcast on Saturday, March 12, 2016 throughout the afternoon with live elimination matches, in-depth analysis, interviews with teams, and more!